Volvo XC90 Vs. Land Rover Discovery: Interior, Engine Specs & Dimensions

Volvo XC90 vs. Land Rover Discovery

Thanks for reading our 2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 page. These two luxurious SUVs offer safety, style, and a sense of brand heritage that stretches back nearly 100 years for both manufacturers. Of course, we're in favor of the Volvo XC90 for many reasons, but we'll tip our hats to the brand that has inspired luxurious capability across the automotive industry. Scroll on for more information to see if you agree.

Land Rover Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 Interior Style & Benefits

You'll be impressed by the stunning style these two rival family SUVs offer. Both promise luxury and technology, and both deliver, though the Volvo XC90 gives you more right from the start. Your Volvo XC90 offers standard:

  • Leather seats
  • Easy entry
  • Keyless Start
  • 12.3-inch digital cluster
  • Touchscreen infotainment
  • Panoramic glass sunroof
  • Ambient noise filtration
  • Spacious third-row seating

You'll find all this in the Land Rover Discovery, but only when you move through the higher trims. Third-row seating is always an option on the "Disco," and they're best suited for kids only. Find the perfect new Volvo XC90 for sale and hit the road with all the luxury essentials, no matter which trim is your favorite.

Interestingly, optional luxury with the 2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 is reserved for the driver. Land Rover drivers will only find massage controls for the driver. The Volvo XC90 embraces real human-centric design and offers this upgrade to both forward occupants. After all, what fun is luxury if you can't share?

Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 Specs & Performance

You can't argue with Land Rover's reputation for being a successful global explorer. But for some reason, the critics don't seem all that impressed. The Disco gets a 6/10 rating from the folks at Car & Driver. The Volvo XC90 gets a 9.5/10 rating and a spot on their Editor's Choice Award list.5 Let's see if we can determine the source of that conclusion.

When it comes to safety, the Volvo XC90 leads the charge. You'll get standard semi-autonomous driving, wireless charging, front & rear collision detection, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist, autonomous braking, run-off-road protection, high beam assist, driver alertness monitoring, and so much more. Additionally, the Volvo XC90 takes a five-star crash-test rating from the NHTSA with a Top Safety Pick+ ranking from the IIHS.6

The Land Rover Discovery falls dangerously short on standard safety, and it isn't even rated by the NHTSA and the IIHS. One can only speculate as to why. The 2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 comparison seems to end in favor of the proven Volvo XC90. Would you carry your family in anything less?

In terms of performance, the Land Rover Discovery gives you permanent 4x4, an eight-speed automatic, and two engines (either 295 horsepower or a 355 horsepower MHEV). The Volvo XC90 gives families more options with a 250 horsepower motor, a 316 horsepower motor, or an impressive plug-in hybrid with 455 horsepower. FWD, AWD, and eAWD are all available. 2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. 2022 Volvo XC90? Volvo XC90 all the way.

2022 Volvo XC90
Starting MSRP: $56,0001
Engine: 2.0L 4 cylinder
Horsepower: 247 hp
Torque: 258 lb-ft
EPA-estimated MPG: 22/28/25 (City/Highway/Combined)2
0-60 MPH time: 6.1 seconds
2022 Land Rover Discovery
Starting MSRP: $58,4003
Engine: 2.0L 4 cylinder
Horsepower: 296 hp
Torque: 269 lb-ft
EPA-estimated MPG: 19/22/21 (City/Highway/Combined)4
0-60 MPH time: 6.2 seconds

Land Rover Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 Dimensions

Before we start the comparison on space & dimensions, it should be noted that there’s plenty of room for savings with our Volvo XC90 lease specials. Nearly every configuration and trim for the Land Rover Discovery leases with four figures as your monthly payment. You could say that in terms of price, the Land Rover doesn't leave room for much else. Let's look at size.

The Volvo XC90 stretches 195-inches bumper to bumper with a 117.5-inch wheelbase. She's 75.7-inches wide and stands 69.9-inches high. Passengers will enjoy luxurious Scandinavian-inspired comfort with 132 cubic feet of passenger volume.

The Land Rover Discovery reaches 195.1 inches end to end (that standard front license plate bracket makes it longer than the Volvo XC90). Curiously, the Land Rover has a shorter wheelbase at 115.1-inches. Comfort on the highway while towing goes to a vehicle with a longer wheelbase (like the Volvo XC90). Passengers have 140 cubic feet to travel in, and you should check your garage dimensions with this vehicle standing 74.3-inches.

You're splitting hairs with dimensions regarding the 2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. the 2022 Volvo XC90. So you'll have to ask yourself then if your safe space is really safe. For our families, we'd choose the Volvo XC90 for the additional breathing room it offers against potential danger.

2022 Volvo XC90
Seating: 7
Length: 195 in
Width: 84.3 in
Height: 69.9 in
Cargo volume (SAE): 85.7 cu ft
Fuel tank size: 18.8 gal
2022 Land Rover Discovery
Seating: 7
Length: 195.1 in
Width: 81.6 in
Height: 73.0 in
Cargo volume (SAE): 74.3 cu ft
Fuel tank size: 23.8 gal

Volvo XC90 vs. Land Rover Discovery FAQs & Conclusions

There are a few more things you need to know about the 2022 Land Rover Discovery vs. Volvo XC90 comparison. A huge detail is cost of ownership and customer care. Volvo Cars gets you started with three years or 36K miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance. Beyond that, we also offer a lifetime parts and labor warranty on non-wearable items. Land Rover doesn't offer either program.

Thinking about a pre-owned? Go for something from our used Volvo XC90 inventory and look for a certified unit with a great warranty (spoiler alert: you won't find that on the Rover).

Which is better, the Volvo XC90 or Land Rover Discovery?

You'll have to define what "better" means to you. But if you're like most wise shoppers, you demand value with a luxury purchase. The Volvo XC90 gives you more safety features, more luxury features, and more after-sales care than the Discovery. Which would you say is "better?"

Is the Land Rover Discovery bigger than the Volvo XC90?

From bumper to bumper, they're equals. The Discovery is slightly wider and taller than the Volvo XC90, giving it about seven cubic feet of additional passenger volume (though it has less storage capacity behind the third row).

Which car is less expensive between the Volvo XC90 and the Land Rover Discovery?

Between both entry-level trims, the Volvo XC90 costs substantially less while giving you significantly more.

1Prices shown are Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), Base Price or Starting At price and excludes destination fees, taxes, title, license, and registration and/or electronic filing fees, dealer fees.

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4All figures are EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.

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