How Does the Volvo S60 Stack Up to the Competition?

Here at Bayway Volvo we are passionate about offering our customers a fantastic selection of quality new Volvo vehicles. While many know Volvo to be dependable, luxurious, and safe; it may come as a surprise to many how athletic, powerful, and efficient they are as well. The 2016 Volvo S60 can give any vehicle a run for its money. We want our customers to be as informed as possible when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle because we know that it is a big decision. That's why we are going to share with you a few ways that the 2016 Volvo S60 outdoes the competition.

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Volvo S60 vs. Audi A4

  • The S60 has a lower base MSRP than the A4 with a price of $34,150 compared to $35,900.

  • The S60 offers better fuel economy than the A4, with an estimated combined mpg of 30 compared to an average mpg of 25 on the A4. With the money you'll save on purchasing an S60 as well as the money saved on gas, there's no telling how you will repurpose that money.

  • Both come equipped with a similar 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine, however the S60 offers 240 horsepower, while the A4 only offers 220 horsepower.

Volvo S60 vs. BMW 320i

  • The S60 receives better fuel economy than the 320i. With an average mpg of 30 compared to 28 in the BMW. And with a fuel capacity that holds two more gallons than the 320i, the S60 can go further on a single tank of gas.

  • Again the S60 and 320i have similar engines but the S60 has more power. With 240 horsepower compared to 180 horsepower from the 320i, the S60 triumphs in the battle of power.

  • The S60 comes with more standard premium features than the 320i, like premium radio, power driver's and passenger seats, and a folding rear seat for all of your storage needs.

Are you interested in learning more about the amazing Volvo S60? We want to welcome drivers in Houston and the surrounding areas of Pearland, Friendswood, West Houston, and Pasadena, TX, to come visit us here at Bayway Volvo and experience the S60 for themselves!