960 × 392If you're looking for your next Volvo and the 2019 XC60 is what's piqued your interest, you likely have many questions. Checking out how many miles this model will last is important, but the answer is not as simple as a number. Your personal treatment of the vehicle can increase or decrease the estimate as significantly as the build of the engine. Ask yourself the questions below and you'll reach a good estimate that will fit your lifestyle and usage.

How Old Is the Vehicle?

Given that we're looking at the 2019 Volvo XC60, you know that it was likely built in 2018 and introduced toward the end of the year. Volvos average a sturdy 19.7-year lifespan, so you're already looking in the right direction. Volvos are known for their longevity. This vehicle isn't very old and most likely hasn't been driven to excess in that short timeframe, allowing for additional miles before maintenance becomes necessary.

How Will You Drive the 2019 Volvo XC60?

The amount of miles your 2019 Volvo XC60 lasts is directly proportional to how you drive it. If you're a rugged outdoorsman and plan to push the vehicle to its limits regularly without constant care and maintenance, you could see fewer potential miles. Flying down the highway with the wind in your hair can be a wonderful feeling, but using low-quality fuel and not protecting the engine's inner workings can also decrease potential mileage on your vehicle.

Driving responsibly and dropping your 2019 Volvo XC60 in for regularly scheduled tune-ups will prolong the life of your Volvo, giving you peace of mind and protecting the value of future trade-in potential. Be sure you follow the standard maintenance schedule for the big miles as well as the standard lube, oil, and filter that should be performed more frequently.

Do You Monitor Your Mileage?

Keeping track of your vehicle mileage helps you to schedule important maintenance as you approach the milestones. If your 2019 Volvo XC60 is being driven 100,000 miles with no tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, or wiper fluid, you can expect to have some issues. As you use your vehicle, it needs additional maintenance to keep functioning at optimal levels.

You can expect to reach 200,000 miles in the Volvo XC60 before you should look into an upgrade. If you've taken care of your vehicle, you may see it last longer than this estimate. Volvo has established a High Mileage Club for those individuals who reach this benchmark. They even receive medals for consecutive years owning their Volvo and when reaching additional mileage points.

If you're looking into purchasing the 2019 Volvo XC60, you can expect that it could reach 200,000 miles. Be sure to take into account your personal habits with vehicles you have previously owned, and that will help guide you toward a more realistic expectation in terms of a new vehicle. With responsible driving, continued care and maintenance, and monitoring the mileage, you could easily hit that estimate and potentially exceed your initial expectations.

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