The world of luxury wagons is unique. These are cars that offer you all the space of an SUV with the fun and drivability of a car. Some of the most popular luxury wagons on the market are made by Volvo. Here we will take a look at the Volvo V60 and the Volvo V60 Cross Country.

The Luxury Wagon That Drives and Hauls with Expertise

The Volvo V60 continues the tradition of popular Volvo wagons that has stretched back for decades. You see, while SUVs are popular, there are still people who enjoy the excitement that accompanies driving a vehicle that sits lower to the ground with sedan-like styling. The Volvo V60 offers excellent handling that allows you to hug curves and the acceleration to pass other vehicles with confidence. On top of that, the V60 offers comfortable room for up to five passengers and extra cargo space behind the second row. Finally, the V60 is packed with luxury features that make every drive feel like a first-class trip. The Volvo V60 is designed to handle almost any driving need in the Houston and Pasadena arae.

The Ultimate All-Terrain Wagon

If you like to go on adventures, then the Volvo V60 is the ultimate choice. This Volvo luxury wagon comes standard with all-wheel-drive and offers striking design to make it stand out from other luxury vehicles. Also, the V60 Cross Country has the space to take everything you need on your next road trip or cross-country adventure. The V60 Cross Country also comes with standard advanced features such as Hill Descent Control to make every drive through Pearland and League City that much safer.

Why Drive a Luxury Wagon?

A luxury wagon is a great choice for those who need the space of an SUV but still want the excitement that comes from driving a car. Also, luxury wagons provide a high level of comfort and legroom for all five passengers. Finally, a luxury wagon has a lower roofline that may be optional if you want to park your vehicle in certain garages.

If you would like to take a test drive of a brand new Volvo V60 or a V60 Cross Country, please contact Bayway Volvo Cars located near Baytown to test drive a new Volvo wagon today.

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