Buying vs. leasing: which option is best for you?

If the time has come for you to invest in your next vehicle, you can count on Bayway Volvo Cars to help you make the right financial decisions. We offer drivers from Houston, TX and beyond the opportunity to either buy or lease a new Volvo car or SUV, and we're sure that our finance center can outfit you with the best possible financing plan for your budget and lifestyle.

There are benefits to both buying and leasing your next vehicle. Whether you choose to buy or lease is dependent on your personal preferences, and Bayway Volvo Cars is here to offer some insight on both.

Buying your next new Volvo car or used vehicle will allow you to own it outright once your loan is paid off. You'll apply for financing, and upon approval our team will come back with a financing plan that's designed with your lifestyle and budget in mind. You can pay off your loan in the timeframe your plan presents, or you can pay it off sooner if you're able to. Once you pay your loan off, you'll own your vehicle outright. Buying your vehicle means you can make any changes and personalize it in any way, and it also means you can add any accessories without penalty. You also won't have a mileage cap.

Leasing is an option we recommend to drivers who enjoy driving a brand-new model every few years and who don't want commit to one vehicle long-term. Leasing your next Volvo will usually mean you'll have lower monthly payments, but you'll also have a mileage cap. If you exceed your mileage cap you'll be charged at the end of your lease. Once your lease is up, you can either renew it, lease a new vehicle or buy the vehicle you had been leasing.

The Bayway Volvo Cars finance center is always on your side when it comes to offering you the right options. Apply for financing online, or visit our dealership in Houston, TX to speak with a finance team member about the best choice for you.

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