The Volvo S90 is Designed with You in Mind

The all new Volvo S90 was announced a few months ago, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. All of the amazing features and capabilities aside, this is a beautiful car to look at. With an elongated bonnet highlighted by a uniquely sporty yet luxurious concave front grille, the S90 does a great job separating itself from any other luxury vehicle on the market. The gorgeous and sleek exterior is sure to turn heads wherever it goes, and once you get inside of the car, you’ll never want to leave.

With a wonderful central control system called Sensus, the S90 doesn’t add in some touch screen like other vehicles, the vehicle was designed around it. With a simple user friendly layout, including steering wheel and voice controls, as well as a heads up display that allows you to keep your eyes on the road, Sensus offers a completely new experience to staying connected as well as entertained.

The driving capabilities of the S90 are second to none. Featuring the second generation Pilot Assist technology, the S90 is the only vehicle in the US with semi-autonomous driving technology standard. When you want it to, the car will assist with steering, maintaining speeds, and braking up to 80 mph. It also comes equipped with Park Assist, which, when you find a parking spot, will calculate whether the spot is big enough, then will take over steering to guide you into it seamlessly. With all of the unbelievable luxury being offered, the S90 is instantly atop our list of best new luxury vehicle, or vehicle period for that matter.

Interested in finding out more? Here at Bayway Volvo we are passionate about helping you get the car that you want. While the S90 is still a short way from release, we welcome you to come visit us and one of our knowledgeable staff can talk you through more of the wonderful qualities the S90 has to offer, and when it is released, you’ll be ready.

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