Get Your Daily Dose of Volvo Trivia

Need a great trivia question to wow your friends? Impress them with your obscure knowledge of Volvo history.

Did you know that in the 1960s, Volvo consulted with orthopedic surgeons from Chalmers University of Technology to better design their seats? It's why Volvo cars are always the most comfortable to ride in, even over long distances.

That's the kind of cool stuff you'll learn following the hashtag #VolvoFact on Twitter.

We also recommend checking out Volvo on Facebook, where the company maintains a strong presence. Some of the top commenters over there say that after several back surgeries, Volvo is the only brand of car they'll drive, or that they feel better after six hours in a Volvo than one hour in another car.

We're blushing over here!

We've been learning stuff even we didn't know. Did you know that it was a Volvo engineer that invented the modern 3-point seatbelt? Well, you already knew that if you checked out our history of Volvo blog. You can also just follow our blog for more interesting Volvo news.

We hope you'll join us at Bayway Volvo, and test drive a new vehicle.

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