How to Drive a Self-Driving Car

"Cars have always been a symbol of freedom. Autonomous driving will soon broaden the experience of how people spend time in the car"-- Thomas Ingenlath, Senior Vice President, Design.

Volvo understands what cars mean to people.

When they were first widely available, with the affordable Model T, it was the first time the populace could journey far from home, easily.

Cars gave people control of where they vacationed, where they could live, and where they could work.

Cars made the suburbs possible.

How will car companies maintain that sense of freedom and control when vehicles start driving themselves? Will we all become slaves to robotic chauffeurs?

Volvo strives to dismiss those fears with the new Concept 26.

Concept 26 demonstrates clearly how drivers will maintain a sense of control over the vehicle, even when the car is on autopilot.

You can override self-driving mode and take full control at any time. Even within self-driving mode, touchscreen displays show the driver exactly what choices the car is making, for instance, if it decides to pass a slow-moving vehicle in front.

You will never be surprised by the car's maneuvers.

You even have control over the route your vehicle chooses.

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